wet and cold at the long mynd

It was supposed to be summer when we decided to take a trip to the Long mynd in Shrophire. As we were travelling there the weather became less and less friendly. It began to rain heavily at one point, and both myself and my husband looked at each other wondering whether to abort and head back home.

We decided to carry on through the rain and when we began to drive up the side of the mountain the weather started to calm slightly. The road up to the top of the long mynd is a bit scary and steep. There is no way I could drive up there!

We drove over the top of the long mynd heading towards the gliding club. I was hoping to get some images of the gliders, but unfortunately due to the weather they weren’t gliding.

We all clambered out the car, my husband and I and our three children and three dogs. We walked for a couple of hours in the drizzly, windy weather and I was pleased to still get a couple of nice images from the trip.

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